About JRD Energo

Our goal is to be a trusted partner that delivers comprehensive, intelligent solutions through connected teams.

JRD Energo is a consulting company focused on projects in the field of renewable and secondary energy sources - photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric power, biomass, biofuels and waste. We provide full-service projects tailored to our customers' needs. Our clients rely on our broad expertise, focus on performance and efficiency of our services.

The company has a team of experts in the field of modern energy, project management, implementation and use of energy resources, project and structured financing and management of investment strategies. JRD Energo is a subsidiary of JRD s.r.o.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive services throughout the entire life cycle of energy projects, from their preparation, through implementation to operational support.


  • Seeking or preparing new investment opportunities.

  • Economic and technical evaluation of investment plans.
  • Assistance in acquiring live projects and project companies, securing due diligence.
  • Management of project documentation preparation, engineering and permits procedures.
  • Support in acquiring financing from investors and/or banks.


  • Support in selecting suitable technology or technical solution, assistance in selection of suppliers.
  • Comprehensive management of energy projects implementations, including the commencement of trial operation, work coordination, negotiations with suppliers.
  • Ensuring supervision of the quality parameters of construction, meeting the conditions of connection to the distribution network, testing the project during the trial phase and certification.
  • Ensuring bank financing of projects, preparation of documents for the bank and its legal and technical advisors for financing approval, support in negotiating credit and security documentation.
  • Negotiations with insurance companies in the framework of property insurance, liability insurance, etc.


  • Ensuring corporate aspects of the operation of project companies and compliance with legal obligations.
  • Dealing with suppliers and customers, ensuring invoicing, payment systems, proper accounting and other administrative matters.
  • Negotiations with state administration authorities, municipalities, distribution system operator and regulator, supervision of reporting, reporting and legal obligations.
  • Managing the relationship with the financing bank, supervising the fulfillment of credit obligations, securing other banking services, including interest rate or currency hedging.
  • Supervision of service organization and other subcontractors providing technical operation.
  • Ensuring external communication about the project and reporting to investors, partners or the media.